Program Overview

WIN Performance offers athlete-centricsimple, and proven performance programs designed to optimize the potential of the world’s most elite athletes and ALL those who want to train like them. We deliver our programming through our experienced, credentialed, and inspiring performance coaching staff at our premier and cutting edge Performance Center. 


1. Sports Performance: Aims to maximize athletic potential

2. Adult Performance: Aims to optimize human potential

3. Football Skill: Aims to maximize football specific potential


Who the Programs are for

  • Elite Athletes
  • Pro Athletes
  • College Athletes
  • College Football Players
  • HS Athletes
  • HS Football Players
  • Youth Athletes
  • Retired college and professional athletes
  • Young Professionals
  • Public Service Professionals
  • Executive Professionals
  • Parents of athletes


Benefits of our Programs

  • Increased probability of achieving Goals
  • Improved Athleticism, Fitness, or Skill
  • Competitive Atmosphere


Program Offerings

  • Private Appointments: Individualized Training with WIN Coach (1hr)
  • Semi-Private Appointments: 2-3 Athletes with WIN Coach (1hr)
  • Small Group Appointments: 3-5 Athletes with WIN Coach (1hr)
  • Group Classes: 3-15 Athletes with WIN Coach or Coaches (1hr)


Program Pricing

Type Single 10-Pack 20-Pack
Private $120 $1,200  $2,100
Semi-Private $75 $750 $1,450
Small Group  $50 $500 $900
Group Class $40 $400 $700


Group Schedule