Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Program Goals

Our Sports Performance programs are designed to optimize the potential of the Elite Athlete and all those who want to train like them. 

Who the Program is For

  • Pro Athletes
  • Collegiate Athletes
  • High School Athletes
  • Youth Athletes

Benefits of Program

  • Improved Athleticism (Stronger, Faster, More Explosive, Flexibility)
  • Reduced Risk of Injury 
  • Increased Mind Body Awareness 
  • Increased Confidence due to preparation

Program Offerings

  • Private Appointments: Individualized Training with WIN Coach
  • Semi-Private Appointments: 2-3 Adults with WIN Coach
  • Small Group Appointments: 3-5 Adults with WIN Coach
  • Group Classes: 3-15 Adults with WIN Coach or Coaches


Type Single 10-Pack 20-Pack
Private $120 $1,200  $2,200
Semi-Private $75 $750 $1,450
Small Group  $50 $500 $900
Group Class $40 $400 $700

 * Pricing for programs designed for professional athletes will be higher because of the additional expertise, time, and effort to serve adequately.


Group Class Schedule