The Adult Private Performance Program is designed to optimize the potential of Adults by focusing on the 5 pillars of Adult Performance. The program serves retired college and professional athletes, young professionals, public service professionals, and parents of Athletes in our Sports Performance Programs.


  • Cardiovascular Movement Based Training
  • Plyometrics & Power Movements
  • Functional Strength Training - Upper body, Lower Body
  • Core Training
  • Mobility & Myofascial release techniques

Who the Program is For

  • Retired college and professional athletes
  • Young Professionals
  • Public Service Professionals
  • Executive Professionals
  • Parents of athletes

Program Offerings

  • Private Appointments: Individualized Training with WIN Coach
  • Semi-Private Appointments: 2-3 Adults with WIN Coach
  • Small Group Appointments: 3-5 Adults with WIN Coach


Type Single 10-Pack 20-Pack
Private $120  $1,200 ($120/session)  $2,100 ($105/session)
Semi-Private $75 $750 ($75/session) $1,400 ($70/session)
Small Group  $50 $500 ($50/session) $900 ($45/session)


* Call or Email to book Private Training sessions.