Digital Training

 Sign Up Process

1. Buy Digital Training Workout Pack

4-Pack (1 Week)- $25.00    16-Pack (4 Week)- $75.00 48-Pack (12 Week)- $150.00

2. Follow Instructions for Mind Body Checkout

3. Download Coach Me Plus from App or Play Store

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4. Use group code "winperformance"

5. Sign in with credentials sent to your email (Be patient. Welcome emails will be sent by end of Day)

6. Click Schedule to Access your Workouts

* Our Digital Training Programs include 4 workouts per week.
* Our Digital Training Programs are designed for Collegiate, High School, and Adult Fitness Athletes. 
* Please contact for support issues.

Digital Training Overview

Our Digital Training Programs are designed to optimize your athletic potential from anywhere in the world by offering you our simple, effective, and meaningful sports performance training on a digital sports science platform (Coach Me Plus) for those who want to train to WIN like we do at our facility at their home gym. 

Digital Training Benefits

 Increased Athleticism- Strength, Power, Speed, Mobility
Lower Cost than In-Person Training
Establish Performance Routine

* benefits only achieved if you commit to program

 Program Details


Workout Structure

Home Gym Needs

- Phase 1: Hypertrophy

- Phase 2: Max Strength

- Phase 3: Max Power

- Warm Up

- Main Superset

- Auxiliary Lift

- Core Circuit

- Barbell & Squat Rack w/weights

- Performance & PT Bands

- Dumbbells or Kettle Bells

Weekly Programming

M T W R F Sa
Max Lower Max Upper OFF Dynamic Lower Dynamic Upper OFF


Program Sessions

Session Purpose
Max Lower  Maximize Lower Body Strength & Power
Max Upper  Maximize Upper Body Strength & Power
Dynamic Lower Optimize Lower Body Strength & Power for Play
Dynamic Upper Optimize Upper Body Strength & Power for Play