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4 Sports Performance Training Programs

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Pro Testimonials

Training with Pete is the best decision I've made for my career thus far. After workouts, I can look myself in the mirror and know that I got better today. And for somebody that wants to be the greatest, that feeling can't be any more gratifying. At the end of the season when everyone is wearing down, and I'm still out there gaining strength, I know in the back of my mind that I was built for this. Pete puts me through the work to go out there and compete with the best in the world day in and day out.

Sam Travis, Boston Red Sox

Training with Kerry was a blessing, the habits and structure that were always maintained taught me how to be a professional and what it was like to be one. Everyday was a different experience and everyday I woke up excited the challenge!

CJ Prosise, Seattle Seahawks

When it comes to my training I take it very serious. Kerry has been a strong part of my training since I started preparing for the NFL. His Knowledge, his drive, and his passion for the game and getting his athletes better is like no other. I tried other training facilities but nothing compares. He stands on what he believes in and I have trusted him with my career. Truly the best!!

Rashaan Melvin, Detroit Lions

During my NFL Combine training I was pushed to my limits as a football player every single day I came in to work. The combine prep schedule that I was in, that was made by Kerry Neal is one of the best in the country. He knew my weaknesses and my strengths. He helped me strengthen my strengths and got my weaknesses to become my strengths.  “I told Kerry I wanted to run a 4.3 and he got me there. If you are willing to work at what you want and you are a TRUE pro you’ll get all the results you want come testing day!”

Trent Sheffield, Arizona Cardinals

Coming out of Notre Dame I wasn’t sure if I was going to get an opportunity to continue to play the game of football. In the three months I spent leading up to my pro day my body was completely transformed. I continue to go back and train with Kerry  in the off season to give myself the best opportunity to be successful on the field. 

Matthias Farley, New York Jets

I was able to tone my skills and instincts to be a better defensive back. my favorite part about workouts was increasing my explosiveness, because i know that is important at my position. another thing about workouts were the competitive aspect of it. i competed against other guys around the league and every trainer made me compete within myself. 

Kenny Moore, Indianapolis Colts

I’d like to thank Kerry and his sports staff for getting me ready to compete at a high level each and every year. They know how to push you and when you take it easy (which is never). So thanks for everything Kerry

Nate Palmer, Free Agent

The most important thing in sports is the ability to stay healthy and stay on the field. After I started working with Pete and Kerry I had my first season with no time on the shelf. They helped me tap into a new athleticism I had yet to find, and created a physical foundation for my career to take off. The environment is competitive and electric! These guys are top notch. #WIN

Steve Wilkerson, Baltimore Orioles

My experience training with Kerry and his staff the previous two summers has been outstanding. Kerry makes sure you get good work in while also having fun and competing during the training. He also knows how to keep you going especially on those days that you might not feel like working. He always finds a way to get the best out of you. Him and his staff are also very flexible when it comes to scheduling 

Jordan Howard, Philadelphia Eagles


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Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize your probability of WINNING.

We aim to co-create an athlete-centered, simple, effective, and high tech sports performance ecology designed to optimize the Athlete's full potential and effectively becoming a national leader in performance, trusted by the World's Best athletes. We agree with Nike, "if you have a body, you are an athlete," which makes our focus beneficial to all.

Our Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong.


We believe in heart-centered actions. We must CARE infinitely for our selves, families, clients,  teammates, and communities. 

Be a Pro

We believe that if you are going to commit your energy to a goal, attack that goal as a professional would. If you are an athlete, attack your moments as the World's Best in your sport would. 

Pursue Excellence

We believe we were designed to operate at our best and we can live into that potential by changing our best mentally and physically everyday.

Athlete's Best Interest

In a world where the athlete's value to society is still widely misunderstood and taken advantage of, we believe in serving our Athlete's Best Interest at all costs.